The use of these items clearly gives a reasonable advantage compared to people who do not want to buy anything for real cash: if sunglasses are only"trendy", you can't say the identical thing about the sword of passing which I took throughout the test.

If you want to buy a"pay" thing, we're given the choice to pick the method: on a permanent basis (full cost ) or for a certain length of time. This rent, if we would like to call it, is beneficial if you would like to try a particular item without having to pay all the money available.

What about this Elsword? It is absolutely not a triple A production with millions of dollars funding, but it does its job well. Completely in dubbed and Italian over dignified, it shows off a mild and agreeable graphics: of course, it is not World of Warcraft or Star Wars The Old Republic, but nevertheless manages to guarantee hours of fun and to get a fantastic depth of gameplay.

MMORPG fans will not be thrilled, but people searching for a few hours of fun can come across a fantastic game. And then, let's face it, it is free, so why don't you try it?Elsword gets updated after Coming on Steam

The MMORPG Elsword appeared on Steam June 14th and today includes its first major update. With the update of June 28th, the 3rd course change arrives for all of the characters. You will begin with the first of the 3 routes. The second path will shortly be activated.With the reversal of class it is possible, for example, to pass Elsword from"Expert Knight (Transcendence)" into"Royal Knight". The new classes are even quicker and stronger.

Besides the reversal of course there are a few news in the story: the story evolves from the new upgrade. The conflict from the Henir Order goes to the next phase.

The reversal of course and the update of this narrative are readily available to all players starting at level 99. To perform the change of class, Buy Elsword ED players need to complete a quest that will lead them into the Dungeon"Elian Forgotten Sanctuary". This cave, where EL's force flows, appeared following the violent struggle in the Eldrit Tower.

As an additional feature of the update, more than 1,600 accessories will be added to the Magic Wardrobe.