What are the reviews? On Steam, the mood is quite positive for the game with MS2 Mesos. RainbowCutty, for instance, writes,"The most intoxicating MMORPG I've ever played. It is as if MapleStory and Phantasy Star Universe had a baby and Minecraft and Closing Fantasy Worlds needed a baby. These two met and got Maplestory 2 as a child."

"Regrettably, I've never experienced Maplestory 1 (had been a runescaper), but having played for about 15 hours up to now, I can say with certainty that this is definitely a game worth doing for hours " Ranik believes,"Personally, I am not an anime enthusiast at all, and the images left me stunned. Regrettably, I have never played with the part, because I was promised no bit by him.

"The sport has captivated me more than I anticipated. Initially I thoughtyou do a few components and appear in, but now I've looked so deep that I can not avert my gaze. "However, there are also a couple negative voices. These relate to specialized problems such as crashes disconnects and cryptic error codes. On the other hand, the limit is also criticized at 30 dungeons each week and the item store, which is too expensive for all.

So Yona Vermillion says:"Regrettably, I have decided to evaluate the game today negative. A Halloween costume has been introduced that prices. A token prices $ 3. This usually means you've got to cover $228 with this costume. I have never seen an internet game in which a cosmetic costume is so expensive. "In general, nevertheless, MapleStory 2 is currently well received by players, even though there are still some difficulties with Gold Spam.

Maplestory 2, the all-new MMORPG of the MapleStory franchise, with over 14 million gamers around the world, is available worldwide today via Nexon Launcher and Steam. The game features a robust set of character options, an innovative progression and expansion system, and world-building tools, redefining the MMORPG genre and giving players the ability to customize everything.

Coming from Head Start, the game includes the classes of Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Rider, Priest, Thief, Mage and Wikipedia is introducing his remarkable new Runeblade class. This new class is a magic swordsman who infuses his swords with the components for ultimate power and uses a distinctive two-handed weapon that uses both weapon slots.