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86 4runner Skid plate? Or raise drivetrain?

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    Default 86 4runner Skid plate? Or raise drivetrain?

    Ok guys I have an 86 4runner in pieces in my driveway that im assembling and I know that I want some form of protection for the belly. My original plan was to just make a skid plate to put in place of the transfercase crossmember. But ive been asking around and hear that a better option would be to raise the drivetrain above the framerails so that nothing hangs below them, and run a full belly pan on the bottom. I like the idea but my concern is how much of my floor/rear seating will have to be removed to raise it? Ive been researching it and cant really find a whole lot, has anyone done this before? How did it work out for u? Pictures ?

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    No pics but everything has to be raised. Engine, trans and tcase. That will change driveline angles and all kinds of other stuff. It's best to get it flat, but it;s tough to do with a 4runner since you can't really clock the tcase.
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    Have you checked on pirtae4x4? they have all kinds of 4runner info.
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