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starting issue Chevy HHR

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    Default starting issue Chevy HHR

    Hello! Ive tried HHR forums and I've Googled the heck out of this issue with no answers. So, I figured I'd try here.
    Quick synopsis: I have a 2008 Chevy HHR 2.2L. Two months ago, the engine light comes on and threw a code (P0016) for Cam and Crank sensors. Two weeks later, car won't restart after driving fine in town. It took about a half hour then started right up. Problem eventually got worse to where it'll start in the morning, run normal, then when its shut off won't restart for 2-5 hours. Mechanic #1 replaced can sensor, no change. Mechanic #2 replaced crank sensor, no change. New fuel pump as of yesterday, no change. Still has code for sensors, when we can get it running, it idles and runs better than before since new pump was installed. Still, after driving, no start until hours later. It seems heat related? Maybe? As it only started doing it on really hot days after low speed driving in town but is to the point where its daily now. I'm broke, already have 700$ into this and need any ideas, next steps (since I've stumped two mechanics), etc. Thanks!

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    Its a cobalt motor. Check the cobalt forums for it.

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    Oh she's been on every forum trying.

    This has stumped a couple backyard mechanics and the dealership too.
    I think it's vaporlocking like Max.

    When I fix max (someday), I will fix hers too.

    I gotta fix the jeeps soon....Ray gets antsy when I don't leave occasionally.
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