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Rules for use of michigan wheelers

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    Default Rules for use of michigan wheelers

    Welcome to Michiganwheelers .

    Please use this board for its intended purposes . The management will not accept excessive vulgarity or harassment of other members of this site. We do not have a political or religious area and ask that you refrain from these types of posts unless it is directly related to off roading such as a bill being passed or closures of land .

    Try to post in the appropriate area, if your posts are not in the correct area a moderator will move the post for you.

    We welcome all types of off road vehicles including web wheelers to enjoy the site. We do ask that you post in a friendly or informative manner while on the site.

    Members who do not follow the rules and common courtesy will be given a warning. Subsequent posting of an improper nature will result with an infraction. If further actions are required you may receive a second infraction or be banned with out any further warning .

    Sincerely the staff of Michiganwheelers.com
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